In the Stein family, we can’t open any presents until we sing all the Christmas carols. All the Christmas carols. From Away in a Manger to We Three Kings — including Oh Tannenbaum in the original German (despite our surname, we don’t speak German, at all). The children love it; the adults tolerate it; it’s tradition, so we have to do it. During Rudolph you can sneak off to refill your drink, start the dishwasher, or make up any old excuse to avoid the cacophony. But during the Twelve Days of Christmas, you have to stay in the room. And I’m sure the neighbors can hear when the kids start to scream “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!”

I have fond — if embarrassing — memories of the song, so I had to pick up a bottle of The Bruery’s interpretation. I’ve never tasted a single Bruery beer, but I’m excited by what I’ve found. Five Golden Rings is a Belgian-like golden ale brewed with spices and pineapple. The pineapple must add a ton of sugar, because this beer has an apple juice body and a dessert wine finish. It’s thick and fruity and spicy with a hint of bitter yeast. It does remind me of my childhood — the apple juice, not the alcohol — so mission accomplished.

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  1. drunksincerity said: This whole series is fantastic. I got my hands on some Two Turtle Doves this year and it was AMAZING. My favorite beer had Five Golden Rings on tap and it was also quite delightful.
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