Dogfish Head in Falls Church

My fondness for Dogfish Head beer is well documented. I like their IPAs. I’ve been impressed with their collaborations and intrigued by the weirder experiments.

But the pub in Falls Church was sort of a let down. Found in the middle of a strip mall, the Dogfish Head Brewpub is the sort of place you go with your parent when you’re ten; The food is greasy and the beer is actually more expensive than in bottles, two thousand miles away in Portland. I tried to enjoy myself though. I ordered a few beers form of the ancient ales series and a pizza.

The Namaste wit was just so boring. The ingredient list includes dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass and a bit of coriander, but the flavor is weak and the body is too thin for my liking. It’s lemony and wheaty and I should’ve known better.

But then I moved on to the Chateau Jiahu. It was nuts. Alcohol and sweetness — like mead, followed by grape juice and a bit of yeast. This is more my style, more what I expect from Dogfish’s weird experiments. I’m not sure if it’s actually delicious, or if I was just intrigued by the unique flavor.

Sarah tasted the similarly bizarre Positive Contact. It’s a blend of cider and beer with chili peppers and cilantro. Sarah liked it. It didn’t taste too spicy. Or spicy at all. Sarah’s dad loves the Palo Santo Marron with it’s vanilla and chocolate. Especially on draught. The bottle lends a bit of a bite to the beer that can be off-putting.

Even though the food was a bust, the beer was exactly what I expected: weird but delicious.

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  1. alisekimberly said: I’m one of the biggest DFH fangirls out there, and I NEVER look forward to the food at their Rehoboth brewpub or the Falls Church restaurant. All my friends feel the same - come for the fresh pours and the brewpub exclusives, not the food.
  2. qhrumphf said: Used to go there all the time. It’s gone way downhill over the last few years.
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